Half the year gone, but not to waste!

Picture was taken in southern California by my niece #AngelicaMariePhotography

Last time I wrote to you our family’s lives were heavily affected by job losses and illness which turned out to be Covid.  Seems like life isn’t letting our family off the hook again this year.  In December of 2021 all our family got Covid.  Everyone recovered fairly well, except for me.  I ended up getting hospitalized for three days.  I was diagnosed with acute hypoxia (Covid lungs) and had three more blood clots in my legs.  The doctor told me that it would be a very long recovery and gave me very little hope.  The funny thing was that the whole time I was in the hospital I felt so empowered and compelled to share the love of Christ through my weakness.  Everyone I came in contact with, from the nurses to the cafeteria staff, heard of Jesus.  They were all very open to hearing about Him, especially since they saw the dire situation I was in and probably felt sorry for me.  How could someone who is so sick and possibly die of this dreaded illness be so positive?  You will be hearing more about this next year in 2023.

After leaving the hospital I went home with a lot of questions.  Am I going to make it?  Why me?  How much is this going to affect our family ministry and new business?  It was a very emotionally and physically draining time for all our family to say the least.  I had to be on oxygen for two months, only at night thankfully, and blood thinners for my clots for at least six months.  I left the hospital with one diagnosis to only be led to hemorrhaging and facing more near-death experiences.  The blood thinners they put me on to keep me from acute hypoxia caused me even more harm.  I literally felt the life blood draining from me as I bled heavily for a month.  Yet, after going to the ER four times, they would still not change my treatment. 

Finally, I went to see an oncologist who put me on iron infusions for a month, two times a week.  In the meantime, Troy was running our new business with very little help from me.  He, our children and church family were really stepping up to the plate though.  We were brought meals twice a week and visitors, notes and text were well received.  Thank God for His Church!  But it still put a lot of pressure on both of us.  So much so that we sought out group marriage counseling to help process and begin healing from the last two years of drastic changes.

In the back of my mind, I just kept thinking, “How am I going to minister to other families if we are barely surviving?”  While I was in the hospital, I was also put on very strong steroids.  That gave me a lot of energy, but it also kept me from sleeping very much.  For three days I felt like I was in a fiery furnace with Jesus, like Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego.  I would not let Covid get me down!  After wrestling with how to move forward with our ministry and doubting how to move forward with TLC Squared because of much self-doubt, I was finally moved to sign up for a “Do More Good” conference in May and to submit our 501c3 paperwork.

I had been afraid to do that for a while.  But, through Covid, God inspired me to move forward and trust Him despite the current circumstances.  If I was to live after this incident, then I felt I should at least take the next step of faith.  On January 17th of this year, we reached our five-year anniversary of being a Colorado State nonprofit.  And, to my surprise, in March of this year we received a letter of determination that read like this, “Dear Applicant, we’re pleased to tell you we determined you’re exempt from federal income tax under Internal Revenue Code (IRC) Section 501(c)(3).”  I couldn’t believe it! God opened the door to our next phase.  Now, it was up to Troy and I to receive it and trust that God still has a plan for us through this ministry.  Now it’s a matter of continuing to trust God by faithfully following his leading and continuing to take baby steps to see the vision of TLC Squared through.

“So do not throw away your confidence; it will be richly rewarded. You need to persevere so that when you have done the will of God, you will receive what he has promised.” (Hebrews 10:35-36, NIV)

The verse above and the verse below still ring true for me this year. What verse(s) speaks to you? How are you doing this year so far? I would love to know!

“Therefore, do not throw away your confidence (in Christ), which has a great reward. For you have need of endurance, so that when you have done the will of God, you may receive what was promised (a crown of Salvation), emphasis added” Hebrews 10:35-36

Want to help our family and ministry? Go to https://www.tlcsquared.org/ and give today towards growing our ministry to families, especially moms.

Recently had a baby or know someone who has? Go to https://www.tlcsquared.org/comh-home-care-kit.html and request one for you or a friend. Home Care Kits help raise awareness of Postpartum Depression and Anxiety and give hope to those facing those challenges.

Until next time,



Welcome 2022! No Going Back, Only Fast-forward!!

“So do not throw away your confidence; it will be richly rewarded. You need to persevere so that when you have done the will of God, you will receive what he has promised.” (Hebrews 10:35-36, NIV)

Happy to end 2021 and start 2022 with the last #missionofmotherhoodbookclub “A Mother’s Heart for Eternity, The Faithful Mother…Finishing the Journey with Endurance and Grace” by @sally.clarkson I just spent the last two weeks getting more mileage out of this physical body just trying to survive the big bad unmentionable bug. Yuck!

Now, let’s talk about how I will never know everything there is ever to know about motherhood, though I definitely attempt to learn from my poignant daily lessons. Sally is clear to point out that to have a mother’s heart is for ETERNITY.

That means I should give up? No! That means I should continue seeking the heart of my God for my children.

Starting this month, I will be posting simple prayers to help you and me stay focused on earnestly praying for the heart of our (my) children so they may seek God in all they do, despite how we are feeling. Because I sure didn’t feel like posting anything else for you all, but I’m “feeling” physically and emotionally better for the moment.

Royal Gorge Trip 2021 (It was our last family school trip for the season)

“Therefore, do not throw away your confidence (in Christ), which has a great reward. For you have need of endurance, so that when you have done the will of God, you may receive what was promised (a crown of Salvation), emphasis added” Hebrews 10:35-36

Recovering from Covid complications after a three day and night stay from January 2 to the 5th, 2022.

#COMHprayersForMychild2022 “I pray that they may ‘grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ'” 2 Peter 3:18

Since I posted last, I have been in the ER two more times due to complications from having Covid since the last two weeks of 2021. I ended the year with it and began the year with it…. but GOD!

I will be sharing more about my time in the hospital and ER visits after I reflect more on it on both this media outlet and TLC Squared Ministries. But I felt like this experience has catapulted me even further in to the next phase of my ministry to families, especially moms who are dealing with sudden illness and homeschooling. It’s a lot to do, but with support of church family, close friends and even the child you are praying for, it’s not impossible and even victorious and beautiful in the midst of the pain and mess of life.

I will continue to “do good” in the midst of my pain because that is what the Lord is the right thing to do. In the same way when you or I don’t feel like praying for our children because we don’t “feel” well emotionally or physically, as born-again Christians or not, we MUST fight for our children and family through prayer and not let our circumstances dictate the possibility that whatever we are going through WILL come to pass, everything does. BUT, you must reach out for help. Otherwise, you will try to do it all yourself and loose hope or possibly more.

I want to highlight two of my girls in these pictures to show how much they have been stepping up to the plate, literally.

They have been especially helpful because they have a little more experience cooking, cleaning and now driving. They’ve been little angels running errands and making meals even though they both work, one is full time and the middle one works for our estate sales business part time.

Took this picture from my new “recovery” spot in the living room and kitchen area.

Yup! I still get to be involved in working on the computer doing HR and office support for my husband and our team of awesome employees. If I don’t do that then we won’t be able to support the family for very long. No sale, no income. Sad truth, but God is in the midst of it and we’ll make it through somehow.

We were up and running our business as early as October of 2021. After my husband was laid off from a 20+ year job in engineering and consulting back in October of 2020 we finally decided to open up our own business. Read more about it here: https://www.bluemoonestatesales.com/sw-denver/meet-the-team.html
Our new family business venture is not the only thing being revamped and up and running well this year. Our TLC Squared nonprofit is five years old today! Happy Anniversary TLC Squared Ministries! More about this in the very near future, but for now I’ll tell you we’re moving into phase two of the long-term plans. So, by year’s end we should be a Federally recognized 501(c)(3) nonprofit and part-time staff (me), Lord willing!!

My body might not be well, by my spirit is high thanks to my personal time with Jesus in the early morning AFTER I take my new medicine to keep my “Covid lung” clots and also the ones in my legs.

I’ll leave you with this verse I’ve been clinging to in this season of life:

“So, we must not get tired of ‘doing good’, for we will reap at the proper time if we don’t give up. Therefore, as we have opportunity, we must work for the good of all, especially for those who belong to the household of faith.” Galatians 6:9-10

Moms, your prayers and your actions of true love towards your child will come to fruition IF you do not give up and ask for support. Keep sowing and as I said in the last post;

“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you read, but by the seeds you plant.” – Robert Louis Stephenson.

Stay well!

Socorro Gill

Home From Hospital!

Colorado Gives Day 2021 & Family Update

Honduras Mission Trip 2021

Where do I start? SO much has been going on in our family’s life. Just this weekend I hurt my back and had to be on bed rest for two whole days. That’s a lot of time considering there is a lot going on in our house. BUT, thankfully I am up and moving, however I can, ever so slow. My heart is bursting with so many emotions in a whirlwind of everyday circumstances and with the privilege of homeschooling our girls and owning a new business with my husband, the stress is not going away anytime real soon. If it wasn’t for my faith, my church family and their prayers and support I don’t know I how I would be getting through. I have had many defeating thoughts, but again, I praise God for enabling me through His Spirit to not give in to my fleshly desires because non of those desires would lead to giving God any glory. They would do the opposite. These are the confessions of my heart for today.

I imagine you have similar thoughts and desires. How do you deal with them? Need help?

To learn more about what TLC Squared is doing about helping families read more here: https://www.tlcsquared.org/ If you are looking for a local nonprofit that you would like to give to as “Colorado Gives Day” arrives tomorrow, we would be humbled to be considered to receive a gift of any amount. Would you consider TLC Squared?

Thank you in advance!

Talk to you soon, hopefully 🙂


A Life-giving Year

January has come and gone, but the opportunity to create a ‘Life-giving’ home still remains.

In January of this year I started #TheLifeGivingHomeBookclub through my Confessions of a Mother’s Heart Facebook page. I started it to not only help others focus on what it means to have a life-giving home, but to actually help me get re-centered after a very long year of feeling ‘off’.

Last month I asked my viewers “What makes a home?”

Sally Clarkson says, “The essence of home, you see, is not necessarily a structure. What makes a home is the life shared there, wherever that may be.” (p. 8 of The Life Giving Home, Creating a Place of Belonging and Becoming book)

“This year I have really enjoyed my family more than normal. I’ve been feeling so much better, mentally and physically because I have been intentional about taking care of my body, through regular exercise (walking) and taking natural supplements that my body and mind really need.
So, for me to make my home of place of ‘Belonging and Becoming’ in this season of our lives (teenagers and Perimenopause), I’ve had to make sure I feel well. Then, I can tend to my family’s basic and emotional needs. It makes for a healthier and happier home for sure, though not perfect.

Sharing life with my family is much more doable and even life-giving when I, as a parent, especially as the mom, am intentional in seeking to ‘be well’, overall and to make choices that positively effect the overall home atmosphere of my family.” (Taken from my Facebook post in January of 2020)

Now…Because I have been feeling better, I’ve also been able to do some fun things to make my home feel refreshed.

I repainted and reupholstered this table and chairs. I bought these 3 years ago at local thrift stores.

Life-giving and Refreshing with New Paint

I forgot to put my bandana on and protect my hair from paint…oops!
Just before the new chalk (spray) paint was put on, from Home Depot.
Old chair covers. I noticed that they had a “grey” look to them… pretty disgusting!
Old chair color on the left.
New paint and seat (cushion) cover.
Never a dull moment with Glenda the 🐈!

I’m thankful to God for helping me figure out how to manage my most recent symptoms of Perimenopause. It is part of this phase in my life so I’m learning to embrace it instead of asking God to remove it.

My mind is more clear and my body… well, that is another blog post. But, as a result of my healthier mindset I’ve been able to also move forward and stay more focused on my nonprofit, TLC Squared.

Just this weekend my family and I were invited again, to be a part of a local missions ministry fair where we were able to tell our Church family more about what God is doing through the Home Care Kits and the Sewing classes I teach locally, to fund the ministry. Read more about them at http://www.TLCSquared.org!

My husband, Troy and I ❤️ next to our table.
My girls and I ❤️

How can you have a ‘Life-giving’home in 2020? What do you struggle with, that if you overcame it, could make a positive change in your home?

I would love to know. Follow me on Instagram and Facebook @Confessions_of_a_Mothers_Heart to share your struggles and victories. Oops I almost forgot to tell you! I’ll be doing a Facebook live event every month! (Go to my Facebook page to see the full schedule… next one is on February 11th).

See you next time!

Socorro Gill

#Giving Tuesday 2019

Tomorrow is #GivingTuesday! I would love to have your support in building this forum up for you and future COMH-Unity group members.

Click to view their purpose here: COMH-Unity Home Care Kits

If you received a “Home Care Kit” and were blessed by it, please consider paying it forward by making a love gift of $15 or more, which helps cover the cost of the kit before shipping and handling (when applicable).

I will be posting an end of year review before Christmas to let you know the plans for this sight and the TLC Squared Ministry.

Would you prayerfully consider Giving towards this ministry? TLC Squared endeavors to “Re-create Homes One Family at a Time by Sharing the Love Of Christ via Teaching, Loving and Connecting families”.

Donate Today!

You can check out more details on our website: TLC Squared

Click above to read the 2019 goals, for now.

To recap the Home Care Kits info: We have given away more than 100 Home Care Kits for free, so we could use help to replenish the funds for 2020 and beyond.


#TLCSquaredMinistries #ConfessionsOfAMothersHeart



Re-Entry – As the Seasons of My Life “Change”

Summer 2019: Gymnastics with Bethany and her older sister, Abigail.

Last time I wrote, it was technically Spring. Since then, summer has passed and we are quickly approaching a long, cold winter. It’s been six months since I last wrote, and a lot has happened. In this post, I will give you another quick rundown of what I’ve been up to (via pictures) and also, as I promised in my last post, share some of the struggles I overcame and some I’m (still) having to overcome, as the seasons of my life change.

In the last post I wrote, “We had to deal with getting sick just before we left. Once we arrived we had to recover from that and also jet lag and a myriad of other problems. One of them was having to deal with car problems.”

Summer 2019 Camping Trip: Never a dull moment!

Since April, my oldest daughter, Gwen, and I recovered from what was probably the flu, thankfully. Soon after though, I had to deal with what seemed like never ending car issues. To this day, I’ve had to replace my transmission, struts and a number of other small nuisances in my minivan. Thankfully, the transmission was still under the extended warranty!!

Car problems aside, the biggest struggle that I’m dealing with now is a little complicated, but not hopeless. When I had my last and third daughter, twelve years ago, I experienced severe anxiety and depression. So much so, that I prayed I wouldn’t get pregnant again if I was going to feel like I was out of control emotionally and physically, again. You can read more about it in my book, Confessions of a Mother’s Heart! (Buy my book and support my ministry!) Since then, I have recovered, thankfully with the help of my faith community, within a small group of women who gave me a lot of support.

I was 33 when I had my third girl, Bethany. I am now 45 and near the end of my menstrual life cycle. That means that I’m experiencing similar symptoms to preteen years or postpartum depression and anxiety. Either way I look at it, it’s quite difficult and comical. At times, I feel like I’m one of my three pre-teen/teen girls, going through identity crisis and mood swings when I least want to AND sometimes in the same window of time as my girls. My husband deserves the best husband and father award for having to live with us. But, he will survive through our season of change…I hope!

Summer 2019: Abigail took a class at Fragile Glory Impressions. She is an aspiring artist!

Since returning from Europe in April I definitely noticed something wasn’t right with me, physically and emotionally. I’m so relieved and happy to know why I was feeling “off” and am very grateful to be feeling much better. I did some research and confirmed with my doctor that I definitely am in the “Perimenopausal” stage of my life. To read an explanation of this phase just keep reading until the end or click no the above link. It’s very eye opening!

After the 4th of July I decided to do something about my new symptoms, and I went on a strict diet and exercise program to feel “normal” again. I have lost about 15 pounds (give or take a few, depending on the day) and am feeling relief from the majority of my symptoms. But, I’m not out of the woods yet.

During my diet’s “reduction” phase, this was one of my typical meals, along with Almased shakes. There is cheese under the veggies. Gotta have my cheese!

The main reason I haven’t been posting anything on my blog since returning from Europe in April is because I just couldn’t get myself in rhythm with my previously healthy mental and physical state. I’ve had the most times of doubt and fear in the last year, especially the last six months, since having my last baby, twelve years ago. I could barely get myself to post in small spurts throughout my other social media venues, like Facebook and Instagram. I was definitely experiencing many, if not all, the symptoms of “Perimenopausal depression”. Even though I couldn’t get it together enough to post more regularly, you can still see what I did manage to post, since April, on the above mentioned links.

Before I share some significant information I discovered, to close this blog post, I will tell you that I plan on writing one more post before the end of the year. I will be sharing some more pictures of my family doing “life” and the next phase of my ministry, TLC Squared, in light of my new found stage in life (to help educate others and better prepare them).

Next year, I only plan on posting quarterly, so I can manage my ministry and personal family life, in order to better adjust to my “new normal”. I would try to write more, but I value your time and my sanity, I and certainly don’t want to overwhelm you with my mundane struggles, unless you find it helpful and interesting. You can always follow me on Instagram and Facebook if you want to hear or see more from me!

Warning: The following might be too much information for some of you to read. But, on the other hand, it might be an explanation for why you or someone you know might be feeling or acting differently and you could help find self-help or support someone you love instead of reacting negatively toward them (from misunderstanding) and the inevitable life “change” they might be going through.

“Perimenopausal Depression”

According to the UNC School of Medicine’s Pscychiatry Department, Center for Women’s Mood Disorders, “Menopause is defined as the permanent cessation of the menses. Perimenopause is defined as the transitional period from normal menstrual periods to no periods at all. At this time menstrual periods gradually lighten and become less frequent. The transition to complete menopause may last anywhere from a few months to a few years.
During the perimenopausal transition you may experience a combination of PMS and menopausal symptoms or no symptoms at all. Some normal symptoms of the perimenopause period are hot flashes, insomnia, vaginal dryness, and mood problems. Symptoms of perimenopausal depression are emotional flatness, “inability to cope,” irritability, social isolation, tearfulness, decreased energy, and failure to enjoy normal activities and relationships. Times of intense hormonal fluctuation can cause increased vulnerability to depression. Perimenopause may be a period of increased vulnerability to the onset of depression in women with no prior history of depression. Since symptoms are gradual in onset, women will not recognize symptoms as part of a reversible disorder, but rather will interpret them as a permanent change in their life.” (https://www.med.unc.edu/psych/wmd/mood-disorders/menstrually-related/ )

“Men succeed when they realize their failures are preparation for their victories.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

It feels like I’m failing more than I am succeeding. But, I love this quote above because I have come to realize that my failures have been “preparation for my victories”. It gives me hope that my perceived failures or struggles are not all “for nothing”, but they lead to victories, as I share in my book, Confessions of a Mother’s Heart. Get your copy today AND gift one to a friend for any special occasion!

I’ll be back next month! Until then, may you have a safe and memorable Thanksgiving!

Socorro Gill
(Visit my ministry website at www.TLCSquared.org to see how it helps “Re-create Homes One Family at a Time”)

Europe Mission Re-cap 2019

Lovely painted door in Dublin, Ireland.

We had a wonderful mission trip to Europe!

It was so wonderful that I cannot complain about anything, really! In this post I am going to share many photos of the events that took place. But, in my next post I’m going to share about the difficult “Re-entry” in our normal or hectic lives. It took me about a month to recover from physical and emotional illness. For now, here are the pics from our trip:

I got to revisit St. Patrick’s Cathedral and enjoy many delicious pastries with my daughter.

Powers Court Gardens is known as Ireland’s Garden.

Chilly, but enjoyable walk in the Gardens.

I got to talk to a Master Gardner, Alex. And, I had a very interesting conversation about how human life began in “The Garden of Eden”.

St. Kevin’s Monastery in Glendalough Co., Wicklow, Ireland.
The famous St. Kevin’s Tower in the background. Click on the link to see a quick video!
This guy sold me a beautiful Irish sweater back in July. So, I thought I would say hello again. I asked if I could pray for him and he shared with me his amazing testimony of faith!!
By the way, I’m wearing the sweater in the next picture…with the priest in it…see below.
This is his quaint shop. I wished we had more time to talk and catch up on the last 8 months since my husband and I visited for our anniversary.
Main entrance to the monastic site.
St. Anne’s Church in Ireland where the choir would sing on the 3rd Sunday of Lent.

This church was gorgeous on the inside and out! In my conversation with the clergy however, I was told that not as many people are going to church. There seems to be a decline in church attendance there.

This is one of the reasons I went on this trip to Europe; to share the love of Christ and to encourage the local believers to not give up.

Shared my story and gave this priest my “Confession’s of a Mother’s Heart” book…how appropriate 😉
The inside of St. Valentine’s Shrine.

I ran into this gorgeous cathedral that Mother Theresa visited . Interestingly enough I was reading about her during the trip. So, I thought this was a gem of a find!

Statue of St. Valentine.
The remains of St. Valentine are in this box.
The main entrance to St. Patrick’s Cathedral.
ChoireFire performed here in the Dublin International Choral Festival.
ChoreFire performing.
St. Patrick’s Cathedral in the evening lights.

This section begins our Great Grimsby, England trip. It was even more amazing than Ireland. First, because we had never been there before. Second, because my daughter and I had a wonderful host throughout our stay!

Our wonderful home hostess having dinner with us!
She and I had so much in common we could’ve been twins. We got to stay in her home, and she took us everywhere we needed to be, and even some extra fun places like the beach at night.
Picnic lunch!

Below is a picture of me inside of the Lincoln Cathedral. Just like St. Patrick’s, this place also had awesome acoustics!

We got to visit this beautiful city as part of our stay in England.

We got to do a little bit “charity shopping” or thrift store shopping as I call it, in between ministry times. It’s hard to resist!

Would’ve loved to bring this home…but too big for my suitcase…not to mention the weight. Yikes!
I love antique shopping! Do you?

There were many opportunities for me to meet people and get to know them in the midst of all the concerts and ministry that my daughter and I got to be a part of. I wrote down all the names of the men and women I got to meet and pray with, but that’s for me to know and you to wonder. I take it very seriously to not give those names, for privacy reasons and to continue remembering them in prayer.

Do you want prayer for something that is going on in your life? I would love to know what that is. Give me a holler at Socorro@tlcsquared.org and I will keep it in confidence. But, don’t stay alone in your need. At least talk with a close friend or relative .

Tea and scones at a local pub. Can you believe that?
I got to have a wonderful conversation with another member of the choir at the restaurant pub instead of beer while waiting for the kids to rehearse. Delicious!

I will be sharing more about our re-entry in the next blog. We had to deal with getting sick just before we left. Once we arrived we had to recover from that and also jet lag and a myriad of other problems. One of them was having to deal with car problems. Can you relate to that?

Lord willing, I will be talking to you all very soon!

It will be Mother’s day before I probably post again. If you are looking for a great gift for a new mom I encourage you to give them a copy of my book! Visit this link to purchase!

Mission Minded: Do You Mind Europe?

Today, March 20th, 2019 my oldest daughter and I will be off to Europe, for about 10 days, to share the gifts that God has given us through music, song and dance.  We are getting to share the good news about Jesus Christ.

I’m writing this as we sit and wait for our first flight from Denver, Colorado all the way to Ireland!  So, if you see any spelling or other errors please exercise grace towards me ;-).


In this post I hope to give you a quick update of what has been happening in the last few months in my life as a mom, wife and most importantly as a follower of Jesus.

Just because I’m going on a “Mission trip” though, it doesn’t mean I have only been focused on preparing for this one event in time. Oh! If only that would be so! In the midst of everything it takes to be wholeheartedly ready to share the love of God, outside of my home and country, I’ve still needed to fulfill the original, and most holy mission I have been called to… as a wife and mother.  I have especially been completely engrossed with the rest of my family’s needs as a homeschool mom.

So, for the last three months or so, I have been preparing, along with my daughter, by working, outside of the home to acquire enough funds to provide for our passage and accommodations.

Let let me give you an update as of yesterday and go back in time.

As far as the TLC squared Ministry goes we just held another Tea ‘n Talk featuring Gina Fontaine.


You can see a quick video recap of what she shared here: https://www.facebook.com/pg/tlcsquared.org/videos/

I’ve also been busy with the Confessions of a Mother’s Heart ministry, COMH-Unity group. I hosted a gathering in March. Check out the video here: https://www.facebook.com/pg/tlcsquared.org/videos/

That brings me to the present.  So, as my daughter and I do our best to get wholeheartedly ready to share the same love He gave us, in Ireland and England, I have not been immune to the weight or presurres of my mundane life.

Instead, I have experienced many more ups and downs that come with doing life.  In the interest of time, for now, I will leave out mostly everything I’ve struggled with. But, I will however share that through this process God has been involved in it all.

When I have doubted my abilities, His Spirit faithfully reminded me of His will and His ways.

When I’ve needed spiritual backup through fervent prayer, He reminded me of His provision for His church, my real blood relatives, to encourage me along the way, especially a particular mentor mom I’ve mentioned before.

When illness came through this winter season, He provided the rest and recovery necessary to get back up and out in our daily lives.

Instead of focusing on the negative as much, my first goal, in this Confessions of a Mother’s Heart Blog has been to see the good that comes out of all my trials or tribulations. My second priority is to make sure that you, the reader is fully aware of a God of the universe who created you for a specific purpose. You were created by God, in your mother’s womb, for Him. Do you want to know more ? Visit “Peace with God” to know God personally: Know God personally!

Being mission minded takes intention. Setting your mind on the prize is the best way to stay there.  So, I will “set my mind on things above, not on things below” (Colossians 3:1,2) while enjoying the ride, so to speak.

I’ll be blogging more in the next few weeks so I can keep you posted on our “Mission trip”

To God be the glory!

Socorro Gill