He is Strongest in my weakness…

In the pressing matters of my upcoming move I have found myself very inadequate.  My spirit has been burdened with my lack of ability to meet up to my own expectations.  I have been down and depressed.  It doesn’t help that the day has been gloomy.

I should be packing, but I have been sewing bibs for baby showers of close friends, which I love dearly.  I turned the radio on and immersed myself in just enjoying the moment, to forget my pity party. But, in doing so, while listening to very uplifting Christian music, from Klove radio (Klove.com), I was reminded by God that He shines brightest when it is darkest, in my life.

(Light bulb moment, again!)

It really, sucks (excuse my frankness) to feel like we are not enough to meet our family’s needs, or our friends expectations sometimes, and especially our perceptions of God’s expectations for us.  BUT, if we are transparent and aren’t afraid of what others “might think” or say, then God’s redemptive attributes will be seen and He will draw others to Him…which is the whole point of my purpose in life, as His child.  I want to make Him known more so that others, who might be feeling down and trodden or feel rejected by those closest to them,  can reach for Him and be rescued from their seemingly hopeless situation.


Jesus died for us while we weren’t enough and that is the point of Easter or the Resurrection.  He was the complete and perfect sacrifice for us, for anyone who is willing to repent and turn to Him to make them complete, enough.

I am writing this so that anyone out there in the “world wide web” might know that we are not supposed to be perfect, just have a broken and contrite spirit, to have an eternal purpose in this life and the next.

If you don’t have a close and personal relationship with the One True God, I want to encourage you to seek Him.  He says in His holy bible, “Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.” James 4:8

See for yourself the hope and true life that is available to you, through what Jesus did for you on the cross.  Go to http://www.peacewithgod.net and visit my website at http://www.socorrogill.com to see how He has moved in my life.

One thought on “He is Strongest in my weakness…

  1. Reblogged this on Confessions of A Mother's Heart and commented:

    I have been feeling like this, yet again, lately and thought it would be good for you to read this and know you are not alone. I pray you will continue to look up when you are feeling down. To quote Annie in the movie, “The sun will come out tomorrow, so you gotta hang on ’till tomorrow, come what may.”
    God IS good!


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