Winter Wonderland in New Jersey on the First Day of Spring!

So here we are two weeks after arriving in Jersey.  The picture above was taken from the back of our house, next to our kitchen window.  The little bird house is safely nestled in the wake of the storm, but it’s still there.

You would think that maybe we could get a warmer first day of Spring, but we didn’t.  On the home front things just keep getting better…(LOL)
My car was fixed, for now, but now Troy’s is in the shop and they can’t quite diagnose what is wrong with it!
It’s been a roller coaster filled week with different emotions, as is not unusual for most families in America, I wonder. I’m not 100% sure, but it’s probably not much different in your house. It just looks a little different. The difference comes down to how we deal with it…or not.

I struggle with different things in my daily life, from home, school, and spiritual battles. In my spiritual struggle to do the “right thing” , yesterday, God gave me a word picture in my mind about being “between a rock and a hard place.
I came to realize that if I want to be a light in this world amidst the chaos and sometimes disorder, I must stay in that place…the “Rock” and the difficult situation.  And, work it out by prayer and supplication to the one who hears us in secret, but answers in public (through our life).

If Jesus is my “Rock”, then He will sustain me and give me what I need to carry on and go about life so that others, who don’t have Him as their solid foundation, may see how a Christian or believer does life, different.  And that way, they too might see the saving grace of a loving God that drew us to Him in the first place and call on Him to be saved!

So, what I mean by being “between a rock and a hard place” is that when life feels like it’s not getting easier anytime soon, we, as believers in the one true and merciful God, should “hunker down” in the name and power of Jesus and apply the principle of love to the situations we face daily.

Jesus taught us by example, to die to our fleshly desires as He did on the cross.  As He did that He drew people to Himself.  His quiet answer, or no answer, to the priests who threw accusations at Him, the mocking soldiers who spat at Him and even one of the men who were on His side, hanging on a cross, is what we should look at and consider when we feel under attack, physically or spiritually.  He went to the Father, in prayer, and asked that “this cup” (this purpose specific task in His life) would be taken from Him, but when God said “no” or spoke nothing new, Jesus “hunkered down” and went through the difficult situation, the crucifixion.  Most of us know the rest of the story…He died and on the third day He Rose again!  Because of this, we too can have victory over eternal death and separation from God.

So, we shouldn’t react negatively, but be proactive by meditating on His word, chew on it mentally, and fight against the selfish desire to, for example, speak our mind towards someone when we “feel” pain as a result of their words towards us.  But instead, give a quiet answer and pray for a better, more calm and appropriate time to discuss certain matters in a “loving” way.

That is my story this week.  What is yours?  How are you going to “shine” this week?

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