Leap of Faith…continued!

The pastor of the church we are attending at this time, in Somerset Hills, New Jersey is teaching a series based on the 10 commandments.  I was very moved by his courage in presenting the truth of God with such boldness, and I really felt lead to let him know that I would love to show moms how to creatively teach their children to do that, since I had been doing that for the last 10 or so years through my home schooling journey with my kids.  I was a little scared after I submitted the card with my bold request to help other moms that I didn’t even know or new me yet, into the offering basket, but I waited to see what happened.  It was in God’s hands, again 🙂

To my pleasant surprise, the pastor asked me to meet with Him and go over the details of what I meant by my volunteer offer.  After discussing it with him he agreed to make an announcement to the church the following Sunday, and several women actually came forward and signed up!  I was very excited!!

Was this one of the many unknowns that I was supposed to be a part of, and another reason why God had us come over here to New Jersey?  I pondered this and the ramifications of it in my heart for several days. When I took the risk of opening my personal walk with God by setting up a website and a blog I new that God had big plans, but I didn’t know what they were exactly.  (See http://www.socorrogill.com to view my “Leap of Faith” statement)

A few weeks later, and just before the first of four the workshops I would have in my home, my whole family attended an awesome family conference called “Homefront – Empowering the Family & Church Seminar” by Church Mobilization Center (Pastors and Planters of CMC).  This event cemented our purpose in moving to NJ, specifically in my husbands’ and my heart.  The main speaker, Dr. Rick Marks talked about how marriages in the church are a big reason why the church is becoming less effective in the U.S.A..  Marriages are breaking up almost as fast in the church body, if not exactly the same, as in the secular realm.

Dr. Rick Marks pointed out that if we want our churches to be healthy, we need our marriages to be healthy.  So, he made some points on how to better our marriages, but he spoke mostly to men.

(Light Bulb moment coming…) That’s when I realized even more why I have felt lead to minister to women, and more specifically moms!

Who is the heart of the home?  Who is the caregiver and comforter?  Most likely, the mom.

If you want to make churches healthier, then reach the moms!!!

To be continued…

“For it is God who is working in you, enabling you both to desire and to work out His good purpose.” Philippians 2:13 HCSB version

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