F.L.I.P. – ing for Sandwiches!

Our family has had several opportunities to serve the people of New Jersey in just the almost three months we’ve been here.  It’s incredible what things come up if you are willing to serve!  So, this year when Troy asked me what I wanted to do for Mother’s Day, I told him that I would like to help serve and not “be served”.  It really is more blessed to give than to receive.  I challenge you to go out and try it and discover how fulfilling it can be!

We’re happy not only to be able to be used where we are, but also to enjoy doing it as a family.  It certainly makes for lasting memories.  On the flip side, later this week I will be posting more photos of our family, but not of serving, of making fun family memories learning about Washington D.C. and Colonial Williamsburg in Virginia for the Memorial Day Weekend.   For now, I hope you enjoy viewing the memories we made below, with God’s leading.

Here are some pictures of us at an event that occurs weekly, but Somerset Hills Baptist Church participates in it quarterly. Our church family makes sack lunches, which include a sandwich, piece of fruit, napkin, and a cookie of our choice, and then they are delivered by the pastor and the volunteers on our assigned day.  The weekly event takes place at Tompkins Square Park just a half block away from a church called “Graffiti” Church, in the lower east side of Manhattan.  Not the safest place to visit, but definitely the best place to serve!

Here are Troy, the girls and another member of Somerset Hills Baptist Church.

F.L.I.P. 5-9-15 Family walking to Graffiti Church

Our pastor is driving very carefully and strategically through the streets of New York.

F.L.I.P. 5-9-15 Pastor Ted Driving

This is what the line looks like from the other side.

F.L.I.P. 5-9-15 Sandwich line

Here is Troy with our eldest daughter handing outFree Lunches In the Park”, as that is what F.L.I.P stands for.

F.L.I.P. 5-9-15 Troy and Gwen Serving

F.L.I.P. 5-9-15 Graffiti Church Sign

Hope you had a memorable “Memorial Day” weekend!

Lord willing, I’ll be talking to you very soon!


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