Memorial Day Weekend 2015

I just finished posting more pictures AND the 32 second video of our family mixing clay for fun. Hope you get a chance to view it on

confessions of a mother's heart


We have been in New Jersey for three months now.  Time sure is flying!  So, I want to share some pictures of the last weekend, as I promised in the last blog, of our recent family adventure.

We were blessed by having very good friends come to visit us from Colorado!  We took advantage of the situation and decided to tag-along with them on their trip to Washington D.C.. From there we went our separate ways.  We went on to Colonial Williamsburg in Virginia to see and experience history come to life!

It was a very fun packed weekend.  Too much to share everything here.  SO, to see more photos and a recently posted video of all our family in the mud, preparing to make bricks for historical Williamsburg town buildings and roads, go to .  I’ll be slowly adding more photos, so check every day to see what has changed, if you’re…

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