“Tea Time” with Socorro Gill

“Tea Time with Socorro Gill” is over for now and went better than expected! Somerset Hills Baptist Church (see more info at http://www.shbcfamily.org), in Basking Ridge, New Jersey had their annual VBS as usual and it was a success! There was something new happening the same week, though. With willing hearts, the pastor and VBS leaders took a risk by letting me start something new. They didn’t do it completely blind, I did present my ideas and outline on paper so they could at least have a better understanding of what they were going to be allowing me to teach. Previously, I had one-on-one time with several of the ladies from the church and as far as I know, they didn’t give any negative feedback. As the Lord leads more of them, I am continuing to meet and mentor them on an individual basis.

I believe they were not disappointed because I got several people commenting, in a surprising tone, how many ladies there were attending, which is more than double of what was originally predicted.

I believe it paid off! Hopefully, they will have this again next year even if my family and I are not in New Jersey, and return to Colorado, when the Vacation Bible School happens again.

I got to have “Tea Time” with as many as eleven ladies at a time, throughout the entire week while some of their children attended the activities. I only set up 8 chairs thinking that I might have too many, but God brought the souls of those needing spiritual refreshments from His Word. Food for the soul!

The consensus, from more than half of the ladies, was that they want more of it! I was very happy to hear that because it wasn’t just “Tea” that we had. I had planned for 3 of the 5 days to teach about salvation through faith in Christ, for those who didn’t know him, how to show children, by example, to love the Word of God, and how to love our husband in Christ. It was not easy stuff to swallow, but it was spiritual meat to chew on. Two of the three interactive handouts I gave them to follow along with me were as long as 8 pages, yet they came back day after day, as their schedule allowed. In essence, I created a curriculum for “VBS Tea Time” that other churches can use for their growth, once I make it available.

I got to share my heart from a woman of faith’s perspective; from the heart of someone who’s definitely not perfect, but has a perfect Savior, who is willing to use me to encourage other women in their faith journey, and by sharing my mistakes and victories, so they too can have hope in this life as well as the next!

I still don’t know everything that lies ahead for this ministry to women, but I will let you know as soon as the Lord reveals to me more of His will for my family and I.

However, there are a few things in the making, but I mustn’t say more until the time is right. It is very exciting and terrifying at the same time because I can only see with my finite eyes. But, I know I am not able to do anything of my own power and strength; I’m doing it in my weakness, so that He may be made stronger in my life.

Thanks to the Lord’s provision and my husband’s hard work out here in New Jersey, I am able to stay home and educate my girls and share my experiences with women who are willing to listen and be taught!  Thank you Troy!!! And, thank you God!!!!!!

In the Trenches of life with you,

Socorro Gill


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