6 Month Family Update

We are just a little more than six months into our stay here in New Jersey. Time has flown by so quickly and I’m afraid there just isn’t enough time and money to do everything we want to do while we are on the East Coast.

But, we have gotten to do a lot more than we anticipated already!

Just this month we have gotten to visit Valley Forge and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. We are planning to return to Valley Forge for a home school day with lots of fun learning activities in October. Both locations are only about one and a half hours away from our home base and 30 minutes from each other.

Our youngest daughter has gotten bit not once, but twice, by something that caused her to have to take antibiotics, as the site of the bites became infected and swollen. The first bite she got was above her left eye, which caused it to almost shut completely. The second bite looked a lot like a deer tick (Lyme disease). That was scary, to say the least. SO, we have to keep a close eye on her and make sure the treatment was effective.

In the last six months, our dog Ezra (whom you can see on the website in our recently posted pictures in the Family, Food and Fun section) had to get 3 rounds of antibiotics for severe skin rashes and allergic reactions.
Thankfully both our youngest daughter and the dog are through all of that now. But, I’m praying no one else has any more incidents for a while.

We have also visited the Thomas Alva Edison National Park in West Orange, NJ.  It was a very enlightening time!

Thomas Edison FT 9-2-15 (30)

Three great ideas!!!

While we were at the park, the girls were sworn in as official Junior Rangers got their patches and badges!

Thomas Edison FT 9-2-15 (35)
Another major event is that we got to celebrate our two eldest daughters birthdays by flying out a couple of their friends and one of their parents, from Colorado!! Our girls had no idea what was to come, but they were definitely pleasantly surprised. You can see photos of that on my website as well.  We took our visiting family / friends to see the Statue of Liberty, Staten Island, Ellis Island and the beach, in just a matter of 4 days total.

Our home school year and The “Mom Time-Out” and “Tea Time” ministries, I started here, are in full swing. As I mentioned above, the girls have gone on some educational and fun field experiences and I have also been able to fellowship with local Christian and non Christian moms and encourage them in their mothering. In return, I have also been encouraged by seeing what God has been doing through my children’s educational experiences and with these women’s ministries, little by little.

My hope is that our children will not only grow in head knowledge, but also in character by ministering to the mom’s groups, as they help me prepare our home and hearts for them.  I also have hope that this “home grown” ministry to women will grow throughout the U.S. and even beyond.
I have had a chance to meet with the local president of Church Planting from the North American Mission Board, as well as other pastors and leaders around New York and New Jersey in the hopes of spreading the word, to reach moms in their congregations in order to reach and strengthen families.
So, these are just a few of the latest happenings in the Gill household.
How are you doing? I would love to hear from you. Are you interested in starting a “Mom Time-Out” or reaching out to non-church goers through a “Tea Time” ministry. Contact me and let me know so I can pray with you and see how that can happen, if it’s the Lord’s will.

I have posted many more new pictures on my website at http://www.socorrogill.com so go and check it out as you are able. I have many more interesting learning activity pictures to share in the upcoming months, as we travel for school. So be on the look-out.
In the Trenches of Life with you,
Socorro Gill

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