Tone of Your Home

God has surely answered the cry of my heart!   Since my last post, I have a renewed sense of hope.

I was especially refreshed by my time with another mom during the last “Mom Time-Out” gathering in my home. Leading up to these times of fellowship there always seems to be some discouragement that hits me like a stone and knocks me off balance a little.  But every time I get together to talk with another mom or group of moms, I always feel refreshed, and get back on track with God’s vision for mothering. When I get together with moms, I begin to see the pattern that I and many of them go through in their daily walk of trying to love their husband and their children in a fallen world.

We can really beat ourselves up and get bogged down by the world. If we don’t reach out to pray for one another and lift our whole household up in prayer too, the devil tends to get a foothold on us. But, God IS greater than our trivial problems. IF we cry out to him, especially in desperation, He WILL answer. The key is to reach out to Him.

I have also noticed that if I feel sad, mad or glad, my children and husband will be affected by it. I don’t believe women, especially moms, realize the power we have in our homes.

In my sadness and pity parties of unmet expectations, I would tear up in the midst of my daily chores and what not. So, my kids would inevitably take notice and they would begin to act up or have the same attitude as me. Do you notice that children have a keen sense of what we are feeling without us verbally letting them know? That is a gift that we as parents don’t realize they have and use it for everyone’s benefit.

Just after I cried out to God, from my pity pool, I felt lead to get out! I was drowning emotionally!! So, next I did what I knew was right to do in my heart. I applied the principle of the sower which is to reap what I sow. I began to sing a hymn  over and over until I didn’t feel like crying anymore. Do you know what happened immediately after that? My girls “caught” the tune and began singing it themselves!

This is not the first time I have done this. So, I know this is not just a coincidence. That’s when I resolved, again, to not let my pity party affect my children. I was contributing to the problem instead of being part of the solution.

Over and over again, I have repeated the same mistake and over and over again God’s Spirit keeps reminding me to not give in to my flesh (have another pity party) and “Trust Him with all my heart and lean no on my own understanding (in what I can see with my limited vision) (Proverbs 3:5-6).

This Thanksgiving I am especially grateful that He loves me enough to convict me every time so I may repent of my sin and persevere. There will always be issues in my home. The sooner I learn that and apply His principles, the better I and my family will be for it.

TODAY, I want to encourage you to set the “Tone of Your Home” with new music in your heart.

Just as a movie scene conjures feelings of happiness, sadness, danger or triumph, you can bring God’s peace and joy to a situation happening right in your home by the music you play in the background and especially from your heart, through your actions.

The key is to choose the music you play.  Choose a joyful tune today despite the circumstances.  Make the choice to cry out to God and let Him life you up above your circumstances and you will soar.  He promises to give you a better view from above.  From below, in the midst of your problems, you can only see partially, but from above, with God’s view, you will see a greater part of the picture He is revealing to those who are watching for His redemptive beauty.

Choose Life and Beauty!

In the trenches of life with you,

Socorro Gill

One thought on “Tone of Your Home

  1. I may be coming late to this party, but I want everyone to know that God has done, and is doing, amazing things through this beautiful woman. She is open to God’s leading and committed to doing His will, even when it seems inconvenient or just “not the right time.” She’s human, like all of us, but so lovely!


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