Building My House – Part 2

Thought you like to know that I waited for my husband to review this post before I put it up. I appreciated that he took the time to read it before you all could see it. Our marriage is better, not perfect, for it…thanks to God!

confessions of a mother's heart

In Part 1 of “Building my House” I talked about how to go to God first in prayer with our request’s or complaints about our husband.  I also mentioned how we should lovingly and discreetly ask for prayer for our husband so that we will not be compromising his character or our relationship.

In Part 2, I will be discussing how to identify the symptoms of a “marriage cold” before it catches you off guard and tears your marriage apart by “blowing” things out of proportion.

I recently caught a cold that tailed off with a cough that lingered for more than a month.  It was awful!  I chose to sleep in the living room because I felt like I was disturbing my husband and keeping him from sleeping due to my constant coughing fits.

When I realized that I had caught a cold I intuitively acknowledged that I…

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