HomeFront and the Homestretch

A year ago in April my family and I had the privilege of attending the first annual “Family Homefront Conference”.  It was at this event that I felt God spoke to my heart and cemented in my soul the need to minister to moms, now more than ever.

Dr. Rick Marks of Living the Life Ministries (www.livethelife.org) spoke boldly to the men.  He encouraged them to be the husband that would love their wife like Christ loves the church.  He gave an example from the bible about the Trinity.  He was frank enough to point out that you don’t need to be a married Christian couple to have a healthy marriage.  I completely agree with him.

Dr. Rick Marks went on to explain that the principle of the Trinity is evident in the marriage between a man and a woman; God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Ghost.  Marriage is a reflection of the Trinity; Husband, wife and the “Us”.  He describes the “Us” as the Holy Spirit.  It is the part that thinks of the other first in order to help maintain a healthy balance in the marriage.  When he counsels couples he shares with them the three parts involved in creating and maintaining a strong and healthy marriage, especially the “Us” factor.  Although he teaches the principle of the Trinity, he does it without mentioning “The Father, Son and Holy Ghost”.  But, through his counseling and his influence in Christ, he is able to win some of the couples to Christ!

If you want to learn more about how Dr. Rick Marks of Living the Life Ministries (www.livethelife.org) is helping families in the Christian and Secular realm I would encourage you to check out the resources on their website.

Along with Dr. Rick Marks the following keynote speakers were also very encouraging:

Rev. Hal Haller (Church Planting Director of the BCNY)

Rev. Kevin Marsico (East Regional Mobilizer of the NAMB)

Rev. Neil Cole (Executive Director/Founder of Church Multiplication Associates)

Because of this conference, my husband and I are even more encouraged and committed to ministering to younger couples and continue to pray for marriages to be strengthened in the Church.  We hope to be more involved as the Lord allows in coming alongside this ministry, and as He leads us wherever the opportunity presents itself, along our daily walk.

As far as our family goes, we are in the homestretch of our stay in New Jersey.  We hope to be back in Colorado in July.  But, before we leave we are hoping to make a couple more trips; One to Plimoth, Massachusetts to see the Plimoth Plantation (www.plimoth.org), another to Mount Vernon (http://www.mountvernon.org/ ) and finally to Washington, D.C. (again!) to go into the museums we missed on the first visit.

I’ll keep you posted as to our remaining time and happenings in New Jersey, as the Lord allows!

Hope to hear from you soon!
Socorro Gill


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