I wrote this post just over a year ago but I didn’t post it until now .  Presently we are on the other end of this venture that God let us go through, so please read on…

I want to tell you about something that could seem mundane and coincidental, but I know in the depth of my heart that it can not be.  You see, God is intentional about pursuing us. He truly cares about every tiny detail of our life, even when we don’t bother to care for ourselves.

I say this because while my family and I had been packing away some of our things and just getting ready to move to New Jersey, we have seen, talked to, looked at, etc. different people without thinking twice about “how” we are effecting others spiritually.  As an individual with many hats, I have met my husbands, children’s and friends needs.  BUT I had been ignoring mine.

God has a purpose for all of me, not just in the “big” things.

While I thought I was just finally getting help for myself, to target a physical pain or problem that I had, God was working on pursuing another person’s heart.

I got to have about 6 sessions of time to be worked on physically. An ache on my right side for several years was what got me to finally seek help.

My therapist and I didn’t see it coming, at first.  But, by the time my last session came to a close, it was more clear.

While I was getting physical healing by the hands of a person, I believe that my therapist was being touched by God, spiritually speaking.

In conversations we had during the sessions I was able to tell her about my life and where I went to church, how we were moving, etc.  That opened the door for me to see that it was “not about me”, but about a Living God living through me!

I truly believe I had to go to physical therapy to meet this person that God has been pursuing, as he does with all the world, so that she would hear the Gospel message in a more personal and real way.

Let me ask you all something.  Did I really have to go to PT to see her or was it because I was open and willing to share that she was able to hear?  Does it matter why?

…Over a year has passed since this encounter and I haven’t spoken to the therapist since.  As you have probably read, many different things happened in this last year.  We’ve met some wonderful people we wouldn’t have otherwise met.  We’ve also gone through some difficult times that we might’ve not had to go through.  We also got to see some incredible historical sites!

My next question to you is…Are you going from point A to point B without taking the time to know the people around you?

When I return and visit her again, you bet I’m going to invite to dinner to see how she has been doing.  She knows a lot about me, but I don’t know very much about her, yet.  But, I am going to ask her how she has been doing in the last year first and if she asks how we’ve been, then I’ll tell her all about God’s presence in mine and my family’s life.

Who are you encountering in your daily walk that needs a listening ear and God’s grace?

Christ in me,

Socorro Gill

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