Last week in New Jersey

Last week was Vacation Bible School at our New Jersey Church home.  Gwen got to be a Spelunker Sport’s assistant, I was the KidVid Lead Teacher, and Abigail and Bethany participated in the week’s activities.

After taking into consideration Troy’s work project schedule and our home school startup date for the fall, Troy and I figured out that the absolute latest we could stay in New Jersey was mid-July.  While Troy couldn’t help out during VBS week because it was during the day, he did help out at least once in the preparations.  After VBS we would all get to help tear down everything.  It’s amazing how much work and time goes into getting ready for VBS, yet it only takes a few hours to tear it down.

Troy and I intentionally decided to stay this far into the summer so we could participate in and help out during VBS.  I was hoping the girls and I would be able to enjoy one last adventure, but this time it would be with our church family.  It was definitely an adventure as Gwen and I helped out, while Abigail and Bethany had lots of fun and memorable experiences.

It didn’t surprise me that all of the girls, especially Gwen, enjoyed it.  But, as I prepared for my final video and talk for the children, I was pleasantly surprised that God would use this time to also show me His love by reminding me that the desire He gave me to minister to others could only be done in and through the power of the Holy Spirit in my life.

As the KidVid Cinema leader I was entrusted with showing videos to children about other young children, and having a discussion about it with them.  The kids in the videos were as young as three years old and as old as high school-age.  Every day we all got to watch what these extraordinary kids were doing to help others.

After teaching the children that God gives us hope, courage, direction, and His love, by dying on the cross for our sins, on the 5th day I was able to share with them that God gives us His power to accomplish what He calls us to do. After watching the video, I was encouraged to relate to them as Jesus also did in his day, by bringing down the message to a more personal level, so they could really get it.  So, I asked them this, “Do your battery operated toys work if they have no batteries in them?”  They all said, “No!”.  Next, I asked, “If you put a dead battery in your toy, would it then operate their toy?”   Again, they said ,”No!”Then I asked them, “If you had any size live battery, could you insert it into the toy and get it to turn on and work?”  They all agreed that it was impossible to do that because the toy wouldn’t work at all even if a live battery was placed in it.

Finally, I said to them“In the same way that your battery operated toys require the right size of live batteries to run, we must also have the right power, God,  through Jesus, the Sun (Solar Power), to accomplish all that he inspires and calls us to do, as His children.

I could not have understood this final day’s message any better if I had tried to just read and digest it on my own!  God used this year’s VBS at Somerset Hills Baptist Church through the little children to remind me of what He has already shown me in His Word, that His message of the Gospel is simple enough for a child to understand and that He is enough!  Thank you Jesus!

“Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” (Matthew 19:14, Mark 10:14 &  Luke 18:16, quoted from

Even though I can’t always see what’s to come, if I put my trust in my heavenly Father, like little children who have to trust in there parents, I can have hope, courage, direction, His love through Jesus, and His “Son” Power, to accomplish all that he inspires me to do. 

In spite of how the world looks at life, through social media and news lens today, I can take comfort in knowing Him, by trusting in His Son and keep moving forward no matter whether I am in New Jersey or Colorado, or wherever he sends me.

As a result of last weeks last New Jersey adventure I have a renewed sense of hope and expectation that He will come through as I follow Him.

Will you “follow” Him?

Socorro Gill

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