2017 Resolutions

March 6, 2017

So much has happened in the last two months.  I made a few resolutions that I want to update you on, share an “oops” moment, and finally tell you about a very exciting development in my family’s life, which was one of our resolutions!

The first resolution for this year was to continue having my monthly gatherings in my home.

So, in January I restarted the Ladies/Mom Time-Out as planned.  Eleven of us have gathered in my home each month to reevaluate our lives by learning from Sally Clarkson’s experiences.  We’ve met and read up to chapter 5 of “Own Your Life”.  We are trying to reset our priorities by writing them down and committing to make positive changes in our lives.  For me, that means letting some things go and keeping the quality activities that build the right relationships and glorify God.

As a result of applying one of the main messages of Sally Clarkson’s book, I have been encouraged and able to make a point of writing things down so I can look back and see if I have been able to stay focused on supporting my husband with what he needs at home; if he has clean and ironed clothes, when necessary; if I make myself available to speak with him and let him know how the girls and I are doing; if I also ask how he’s doing; and if I was finally going to take the next leap of faith and start the non-profit organization that has been on my husband’s and my heart for the past 10+  years.

Half the battle of accomplishing anything is writing things down.  As a result of that, I’ve been able to continue giving our three girls what they need, not want, for their physical well-being (relatively nutritious food), mind (home education) and spirit (teaching them to love the Word of God).

In the midst of all that comes with daily life, I have been experiencing an uncomfortable amount of anxiety and doubt.  My most common phrase, recently, has been, “I just want to go to sleep!”

I have become exhausted!  No wonder!  There has been a lot of illness and a little bit of injury.

Did I mention that 4 of the 5 of us in my family we were sick with the flu or a very serious cold since about the second week of January?

Here’s the big “oops” I wanted to mention…

On Valentine’s Day, while 4 of us were still recovering, my daughter Abigail (she didn’t get the nasty flu/cold bug) fell and fractured her right ankle, through her growth plate!  Ouch!  To make things worse, I didn’t’ realize how bad it was, even though she cried more than usual.  I didn’t take her in until the next day to see her doctor.  Oops!

I felt so bad!   My daughter gets to be in a cast for about 3 more weeks, but then gets a walking boot until she heals completely.  Despite the setback in becoming a better skater she is doing as well as can be expected.

What’s next for our family?  Only God knows for certain.

The exciting development in our family is….

We have moved forward with the non-profit organization my husband and I have prayed about a lot.  As far as it goes, we are in the process of building a Family Education/Mentoring and Discipleship Ministry.    You can visit the website to learn more about in a couple of weeks.  It’s still in the beginning stages at this time, but I will keep you posted.  As soon as it’s further along you’ll hear all about it.

SO, stay tuned!

In the next few months I will also be giving you updates and opportunities to get involved if you’re interested, as the Lord leads you.

How have you been?

Has your family been affected by the flu/cold outburst?

By injury?

Are you feeling exhausted or overwhelmed?

How will you get through it all?

Try going to God, as my family and I are doing, daily.

Jesus said, “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. (Matthew 11:28-29 NIV)

Has anything I have said resonated with you?  Let me know!  I would like to know that I am not alone.

Finding rest in Christ alone,

Socorro Gill

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