Europe Mission Re-cap 2019

Lovely painted door in Dublin, Ireland.

We had a wonderful mission trip to Europe!

It was so wonderful that I cannot complain about anything, really! In this post I am going to share many photos of the events that took place. But, in my next post I’m going to share about the difficult “Re-entry” in our normal or hectic lives. It took me about a month to recover from physical and emotional illness. For now, here are the pics from our trip:

I got to revisit St. Patrick’s Cathedral and enjoy many delicious pastries with my daughter.

Powers Court Gardens is known as Ireland’s Garden.

Chilly, but enjoyable walk in the Gardens.

I got to talk to a Master Gardner, Alex. And, I had a very interesting conversation about how human life began in “The Garden of Eden”.

St. Kevin’s Monastery in Glendalough Co., Wicklow, Ireland.
The famous St. Kevin’s Tower in the background. Click on the link to see a quick video!
This guy sold me a beautiful Irish sweater back in July. So, I thought I would say hello again. I asked if I could pray for him and he shared with me his amazing testimony of faith!!
By the way, I’m wearing the sweater in the next picture…with the priest in it…see below.
This is his quaint shop. I wished we had more time to talk and catch up on the last 8 months since my husband and I visited for our anniversary.
Main entrance to the monastic site.
St. Anne’s Church in Ireland where the choir would sing on the 3rd Sunday of Lent.

This church was gorgeous on the inside and out! In my conversation with the clergy however, I was told that not as many people are going to church. There seems to be a decline in church attendance there.

This is one of the reasons I went on this trip to Europe; to share the love of Christ and to encourage the local believers to not give up.

Shared my story and gave this priest my “Confession’s of a Mother’s Heart” book…how appropriate 😉
The inside of St. Valentine’s Shrine.

I ran into this gorgeous cathedral that Mother Theresa visited . Interestingly enough I was reading about her during the trip. So, I thought this was a gem of a find!

Statue of St. Valentine.
The remains of St. Valentine are in this box.
The main entrance to St. Patrick’s Cathedral.
ChoireFire performed here in the Dublin International Choral Festival.
ChoreFire performing.
St. Patrick’s Cathedral in the evening lights.

This section begins our Great Grimsby, England trip. It was even more amazing than Ireland. First, because we had never been there before. Second, because my daughter and I had a wonderful host throughout our stay!

Our wonderful home hostess having dinner with us!
She and I had so much in common we could’ve been twins. We got to stay in her home, and she took us everywhere we needed to be, and even some extra fun places like the beach at night.
Picnic lunch!

Below is a picture of me inside of the Lincoln Cathedral. Just like St. Patrick’s, this place also had awesome acoustics!

We got to visit this beautiful city as part of our stay in England.

We got to do a little bit “charity shopping” or thrift store shopping as I call it, in between ministry times. It’s hard to resist!

Would’ve loved to bring this home…but too big for my suitcase…not to mention the weight. Yikes!
I love antique shopping! Do you?

There were many opportunities for me to meet people and get to know them in the midst of all the concerts and ministry that my daughter and I got to be a part of. I wrote down all the names of the men and women I got to meet and pray with, but that’s for me to know and you to wonder. I take it very seriously to not give those names, for privacy reasons and to continue remembering them in prayer.

Do you want prayer for something that is going on in your life? I would love to know what that is. Give me a holler at and I will keep it in confidence. But, don’t stay alone in your need. At least talk with a close friend or relative .

Tea and scones at a local pub. Can you believe that?
I got to have a wonderful conversation with another member of the choir at the restaurant pub instead of beer while waiting for the kids to rehearse. Delicious!

I will be sharing more about our re-entry in the next blog. We had to deal with getting sick just before we left. Once we arrived we had to recover from that and also jet lag and a myriad of other problems. One of them was having to deal with car problems. Can you relate to that?

Lord willing, I will be talking to you all very soon!

It will be Mother’s day before I probably post again. If you are looking for a great gift for a new mom I encourage you to give them a copy of my book! Visit this link to purchase!

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