A Life-giving Year

January has come and gone, but the opportunity to create a ‘Life-giving’ home still remains.

In January of this year I started #TheLifeGivingHomeBookclub through my Confessions of a Mother’s Heart Facebook page. I started it to not only help others focus on what it means to have a life-giving home, but to actually help me get re-centered after a very long year of feeling ‘off’.

Last month I asked my viewers “What makes a home?”

Sally Clarkson says, “The essence of home, you see, is not necessarily a structure. What makes a home is the life shared there, wherever that may be.” (p. 8 of The Life Giving Home, Creating a Place of Belonging and Becoming book)

“This year I have really enjoyed my family more than normal. I’ve been feeling so much better, mentally and physically because I have been intentional about taking care of my body, through regular exercise (walking) and taking natural supplements that my body and mind really need.
So, for me to make my home of place of ‘Belonging and Becoming’ in this season of our lives (teenagers and Perimenopause), I’ve had to make sure I feel well. Then, I can tend to my family’s basic and emotional needs. It makes for a healthier and happier home for sure, though not perfect.

Sharing life with my family is much more doable and even life-giving when I, as a parent, especially as the mom, am intentional in seeking to ‘be well’, overall and to make choices that positively effect the overall home atmosphere of my family.” (Taken from my Facebook post in January of 2020)

Now…Because I have been feeling better, I’ve also been able to do some fun things to make my home feel refreshed.

I repainted and reupholstered this table and chairs. I bought these 3 years ago at local thrift stores.

Life-giving and Refreshing with New Paint

I forgot to put my bandana on and protect my hair from paint…oops!
Just before the new chalk (spray) paint was put on, from Home Depot.
Old chair covers. I noticed that they had a “grey” look to them… pretty disgusting!
Old chair color on the left.
New paint and seat (cushion) cover.
Never a dull moment with Glenda the 🐈!

I’m thankful to God for helping me figure out how to manage my most recent symptoms of Perimenopause. It is part of this phase in my life so I’m learning to embrace it instead of asking God to remove it.

My mind is more clear and my body… well, that is another blog post. But, as a result of my healthier mindset I’ve been able to also move forward and stay more focused on my nonprofit, TLC Squared.

Just this weekend my family and I were invited again, to be a part of a local missions ministry fair where we were able to tell our Church family more about what God is doing through the Home Care Kits and the Sewing classes I teach locally, to fund the ministry. Read more about them at http://www.TLCSquared.org!

My husband, Troy and I ❤️ next to our table.
My girls and I ❤️

How can you have a ‘Life-giving’home in 2020? What do you struggle with, that if you overcame it, could make a positive change in your home?

I would love to know. Follow me on Instagram and Facebook @Confessions_of_a_Mothers_Heart to share your struggles and victories. Oops I almost forgot to tell you! I’ll be doing a Facebook live event every month! (Go to my Facebook page to see the full schedule… next one is on February 11th).

See you next time!

Socorro Gill

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