Colorado Gives Day 2021 & Family Update

Honduras Mission Trip 2021

Where do I start? SO much has been going on in our family’s life. Just this weekend I hurt my back and had to be on bed rest for two whole days. That’s a lot of time considering there is a lot going on in our house. BUT, thankfully I am up and moving, however I can, ever so slow. My heart is bursting with so many emotions in a whirlwind of everyday circumstances and with the privilege of homeschooling our girls and owning a new business with my husband, the stress is not going away anytime real soon. If it wasn’t for my faith, my church family and their prayers and support I don’t know I how I would be getting through. I have had many defeating thoughts, but again, I praise God for enabling me through His Spirit to not give in to my fleshly desires because non of those desires would lead to giving God any glory. They would do the opposite. These are the confessions of my heart for today.

I imagine you have similar thoughts and desires. How do you deal with them? Need help?

To learn more about what TLC Squared is doing about helping families read more here: If you are looking for a local nonprofit that you would like to give to as “Colorado Gives Day” arrives tomorrow, we would be humbled to be considered to receive a gift of any amount. Would you consider TLC Squared?

Thank you in advance!

Talk to you soon, hopefully 🙂


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