Sew Happy!

Well, a month has passed since we moved to NJ and things are starting to feel more settled.
Since I wrote to you last we’ve had the opportunity to visit a couple of places of historical importance.

First, we got to see a sunrise from “Washington Rock” on Easter morning. We couldn’t host an Easter Sunrise Gathering this year in our home, so we went to the closest one we could find and it was gorgeous. We had a view of Manhattan and New York City!
Needles to say, we were up from 4:30am that day, but it was worth it!

To learn more about it go to:

Just last weekend we visited the Abraham Staats House in Bound Brook where, again, history took place. To see all the pictures and more details of that visit go to my website at and click on the tab “Homemade”. I have also posted other “Daily Living” pictures of the girls in our rental home.
I will have an update about the happenings of our local home church and the new things I will get to do with them very soon!
Don’t be afraid to comment and let me know how you’re doing or if you have any questions.
Until next time…

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