Living History Museum – Home

(Above is a picture of my mom, to my left, and my godmother, her sister.  We took this shot in Santa Monica, CA while my girls and were visiting last year.)

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Have you ever been to a “Living History Museum”? I went to one, more recently; it was in Williamsburg, Virginia. The once bustling town, of the great American Revolution, is brought back to life by reenactors and the actual buildings of its past. I remember thinking how exciting it would be to be able to be there when the founders of our country talked about the vision they had for our country, to be set free from oppression and taxes of the King of England. Our family had a great time enjoying many of the activities they offered to make you feel like you were really there. We were enjoying the very blessings of their hard work. Before that, when our youngest was about one year old, we went to a town in California where one of the Gold Rush Town’s existed. My girls and I dressed ourselves in cute prairie aprons and bonnets, walked along the dusty dirt roads and panned for gold. It was nostalgic and so much fun!

In both of these places there were people dressed in time period, acting as if it was still the same year and day they were portraying. You got to see how they lived back then and it wasn’t always pretty. They had families to take care of, jobs to do and hopes and dreams for a better future. If we were really living in those times, would we be so happy to be there? Or would we wish things were different?

Today I want to give you something to think about by showing you my “Living History Museum”! I have an idea in my mind of how I would like to have my home run more efficiently, look nicer, feel more comfy and cozy, and especially smell more pleasant, or be less stinky (in odor and attitude).

But, as much as I try to keep my home peaceful, orderly and clean, it always has its way of getting disorganized and dirty all over again. And, the kids aren’t always happy doing what I’ve asked them to do (imagine that!). My husband doesn’t always come home at the “right time” for dinner, or agree with everything I have to say; or just what I would like him to say either (what’s up with that?!?) Just kidding.

Day after day I clean, try to reorganize, declutter, and correct my children in love, and thankfully wake up to another one of God’s mercies just to have to do it all over again in a day or a week or even less (Ahhhh!).

Why do we as moms, or people for that matter, keep trying to do this?

Because we are intrinsically made by our creator, God, to need law, order and beauty in our lives; otherwise we wouldn’t have hope in anything ever being made right, like it was before sin entered into this world.

Today, if you are feeling stuck in the same “time period” in your living museum or home, remember that there are seasons in life, and they all come to pass. The bible promises that!

“There is a time for everything and a season for every activity under the heavens” Ecclesiastes 3:1

So, if you are like me right now, trying to keep your kids from hurting each other, doing yet another load of laundry, preparing something for dinner, but you’re not sure what; wondering if your husband will come home in time to eat dinner with the family or not, don’t give up!

Before we know it, this season of our lives will come to pass and we will be like the visitors of the “Living History Museums” in our day today, wishing we could live in that era and have those once so happy moments like “it used to be”, or as our memory fails us, how we used to remember them.

Don’t let the present and temporary pain, you’re experiencing now, blur your vision, hopes and dreams for the future of you and your family.

Let your eyes look straight ahead, fix your gaze directly before you.  Make level paths for your feet and take only ways that are firm.  Do not swerve to the right or the left; keep your foot from evil.” Proverbs 4:25-27 

IF this is you and you want help, ask God to help you, and then talk with someone you trust and ask for prayer. IF you know of a bible study or woman’s group in your area, or at church, get plugged in and share your heart with others (without tearing down your husband or kids; you have to take responsibility for your actions too!)

Finally, if you are in my area, (currently Somerset County, New Jersey, USA) and would like to come to one of my “Mom Time-Out” gatherings or “Tea Time-Out”, email me from my website at—titus-2-ministry.html.

Please leave a comment if you were blessed by this post. I would love to know if you feel, or have felt the same before. Share some insight too, if you can!

In the trenches of life with you,

Socorro Gill

P.S. Are you a visitor, reenactor or the mom (God created you to be) in your home?

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